5 Reasons Why Video Content Is Imperative for Your Website’s Success

Content consumption has radically changed throughout the years. When we think about the early 2010s, written articles were at their peak. Marketers left and right are fully investing their time, resources, and energy to source premium written content on their websites, showcasing their products and solutions to tell a story. Slowly but surely, the rise of Instagram and Snapchat has overhauled how readers digest information. Infographics, high-quality photos, and loud visual aids became the next big thing to catch readers' attention.

November 13, 2022

Today, the evolution continues with the emergence of YouTubeInstagram reels and stories, and TikTok. The power that images used to project towards consumers no longer holds the same impact the way they used to. From brand awareness to efficient storytelling, the experience that users expect is far more holistic than ever.


They no longer want to dive into the story; they want the story to dive into them.


This is made possible through video content.

Not only does this trend revolutionize the way websites market their brands, but it also revamps their revenue generation, leading to a win-win symbiotic relationship between site visitors and owners.


With the future of video content looking clear, organizations around the globe are quickly rethinking and reimagining the way they can reach their audience through added media. Here are 5 reasons why video content is imperative on your website:

1. Video is a good way to tell a story

According to a study by MIT, users process videos a thousand times faster than written articles. This means that people can finish an entire story in a fraction of the time in videos than they do in reading a text. This leads to more stories consumed in little time, and more videos watched with little effort.


Truth be told, the number of users consuming all-text content is rapidly dwindling into a specific niche market. Simply put, not everyone wants to read anymore. Regardless of the quality of a written article, it quickly becomes irrelevant and obsolete when there’s no audience for it. Keep in mind that consumers need to know that content exists before they get into the meat, and organizations that still cling to outdated practices and old-fashioned approaches will rapidly lose their ability to penetrate the market in an instant. Today, video is the best tool for storytelling. Not only does it read the story for you, but it also controls the tone, images, and value that you want your audience to get. It’s a fast, efficient, and proven way of harnessing the power of your brand and incorporating it into a story that’s easily digested.


2. Video keeps people on your website longer, causing more ads to show, generating more revenue

Videos hold more engagement power than written articles. Let me explain: it’s easier to stick through a story by watching a film. Whereas in other media like reading a novel, chances are you’d put it down multiple times before finishing it. Applying that in the context of video marketing, the chances of users staying put to watch a video is significantly higher than when they’re simply reading plain text. This means it keeps users on your websites exponentially longer, simultaneously leading to more ads showing. And with more ads, revenue generation becomes higher. It’s the perfect tool to equally reach and inform your audience while honing growth and profitability. Simply put, the higher the duration time, the higher the revenue is.


3. It creates a more immersive experience for users

The power of video marketing doesn’t just rely on making it a hyper-personalized experience, but it also adds a life-like touch that humanizes a brand. Content is good when it holds a reader’s attention, but it becomes much more impactful when it allows users to completely immerse themselves in the story. Video content is an exceptional tool if you want your audience to stay on your website, lose themselves in the storytelling process, and come back for more.


4. Video content makes brand awareness more memorable

The art of video marketing is hypnotic. From the sound, choice of color palette, and succession of images, to the actual value of content, videos highly yet subtly create a stamp that’s imprinted in the minds of consumers. For one, memory works through visual cues, and seeing a brand through motion and sound is far more indelible than an all-text article. In a nutshell, it’s the hypnosis you need to ingrain your brand to your audience without forcing them to read a lengthy article.


5. Videos Optimize SEO

According to The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2022, customers are twice as likely to convert after viewing a product video. This means that they will not only visit your website once to view information – they’re bound for more to follow up on queries, additional selling points, and actual order placement, boosting high-quality traffic to your website, and simultaneously improving your overall SEO performance. What’s more, Google cares about the relevance and quality of content for it to rank higher. Not only does it scan for text, but it also takes into consideration different types of media – videos included. And to get Google on your side, investing in multimedia content is wise to hit all touchpoints.


Ultimately, the key is to acknowledge where the landscape of content is going and adapt to trends in order to successfully reach an audience, generate revenue, and establish a brand. And today, videos hold the power to massively create an impact in all marketplaces. Make big swings, reset your game, and catch up with the riptide of content evolution to thrive.