Which Player is Truvid In the AdTech Game?

Conventionally, SSPs (supply side platform) use technology to enable Publishers to display their inventory, access the vast ad marketplace and proceeding receive offers to maximize revenue. As a video SSP, Truvid are an imperative player in the game. Evolving from a DNA of Publishers, Truvid’s principle is finding the holistic solution to meet the needs of Publishers through video experiences. So, what exactly does this mean? 

July 21, 2022 2 min read

The Role of Video SSPs:

As a video SSP, Truvid is an imperative player in the AdTech game. Conventionally, SSPs (supply side platform) use advertising technology to bridge the gap between Advertisers and Publishers and enable Publishers to access the vast ad marketplace. Not only this, video SSPs enable their Publishers to analyze and optimize their ad performances.

With Truvid evolving from a DNA of Publishers, their primary aim is to provide a holistic solution to meet the needs of Publishers using video ad experiences and content. So, what exactly does all this mean? 

Truvid’s business model focuses on video and their technology directly connects Publishers to the ad marketplace. Truvid prioritizes video experiences and provides Publishers with the technological tools to monetize via ad performances.

Video SSPs like truvid ensure relevant video content is paired with compatible media content, therefore optimizing their ad performances and revenue. Indeed, video SSPs provide a route for Publishers to monetize their media with ease.

Truvid Bridging the Gap Between Publishers, Advertisers and Content Owners:  

Truvid’s platform bridges the gaps between the Publishers, Content Owners and Advertisers, ensuring they include everyone in their video advertising solution. Their technology provides a platform for all Players by connecting Publishers to an ad marketplace and ensuring Content Owners also monetize.

Truvid’s Relationship With DSPs (Demand Side Platform): 

Through programmatic technology, SSPs and DSPs unite during the process to maximize revenues and ensure premium digital advertising. Truvid’s technology incorporates a Real Time Bidding transaction with Advertisers, which involves a digital auction which allows Advertisers to bid on inventory. 

Indeed, Truvid’s platform operates in conjunction with DSPs (demand side platform) who manage ads in one place. Truvid collaborates with some of the industry’s leading demand partners (DSPs) such as Google, Magnite, and Xandr. With Truvid’s platform, advertisers can ensure that their brands appear in the most watched positions on the page and enjoy a fast-loading, clean, non-intrusive video player.