How Truvid Leverages Short-Form Videos to Reach a Global Audience

November 13, 2022

Content consumption has rapidly evolved throughout the years. While premium written content is still a popular and efficient strategy for marketers, effectively reaching an audience has transformed into a completely different beast. Despite the proven success rates of high-quality blogs and articles, it has become increasingly clearer that consumers have found a whole new approach to digesting stories: through videos.

Getting information from simply watching videos isn’t anything particularly new. In fact, watching the news on our local TV stations is one of the earliest forms of video consumption pre-internet. But in the digital space, the all-video-no-text structure is a relatively fresh movement that made progressive organizations adjust, revamp, and overhaul their models. Why is that? For one, hyper-personalized marketing continues to disrupt industries, and an effective way to humanize content is through videos. While written content is just as informative, it doesn’t necessarily have the visual engagement element that videos do. The rise of YouTube where entrepreneurs showcase off-the-cuff and candid stories to optimize their brands is a major factor in this revolution. In terms of storytelling, it’s now apparent that videos are more digestible while the written text is becoming more of a niche.

But the movement doesn’t stop there. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram stories, consumers have discovered a simpler, sharper, quicker, and more convenient way of watching videos: via short form. With long form videos still fresh from its peak, companies left and right quickly shift as a new trend emerges, scouring for solutions to satisfy all marketplaces: publishers, advertisers, and content creators.

Truvid, a forward-thinking video-exchange company, is ahead of the pack in anticipating this rising trend. Hosting over a million professional videos in over 28 languages, Truvid’s Professional Content Library is a game-changer in the middle of this short-form video content evolution.

Short-Form Video is the Future

Truvid’s Video Exchange platform enables Publishers to consume, deliver and monetize quality video experiences while granting Content Owners a dedicated and transparent distribution channel that they can instantly start to profit from. Native to the short-form video format, the company manages to keep up with the riptide of content progression, reaching global audiences with the latest trend.

But the question becomes… are short-form videos here to stay?

It’s important to keep in mind that the age of digitalization has offered users tremendous content to consume. With the high volume of media that goes in and out of users’ feeds, the only way for them to consume content in their own time and accord is to filter the noises – these include lengthy videos and low-value content. To put it in perspective, no one has the time on their hands to watch a 20-minute video on how to roast a chicken when they can get the same answer from a 2-minute video. We’re living in a fast-paced, no-nonsense age, and the rise of short-form is its aftermath.

Make no mistake: hitting the 2-minute mark isn’t enough to call it a day. Quality is always paramount. For Truvid, it’s still about delivering premium content, and working with companies like Thomson Reuters, Euronews and SNTV to name a few solidified their mark in the industry for providing top-notch videos to their publishers.

The Role of Gen Zs in the Rise of Meaningful Video Content

Gen Zs play a significant role in the increasing popularity of short-form videos. In fact, 60% of TikTok users are between the ages of 10 to 25. This is a clear indication that this generation is exceedingly influential in dictating content trends.

The most talked-about video content trend of the late is the incorporation of messages with a social impact. As the most socially conscious generation, Gen Zs are inclined to be more philanthropic and idealistic than any other age demographic. From climate change issues to environmental sustainability, advocacies are now a major determining factor in effectively reaching a global audience. And as far as incorporating the greater good of humanity into content, Truvid goes the extra mile. Taking part in the social impact scope via Publishes is an innate part of the company’s core philosophy. The goal is not just to reach an audience and stop – success is measured if you’ve ingrained something valuable and life-changing in your viewer.

The takeaway here is that the evolution of content consumption is constant, and fast. Feel the market pulse; listen to the audience; take big swings, and deliver.