Navigating the Future: AdExchanger’s Programmatic IO Event Roundup in New York

October 10, 2023

In the bustling heart of New York, on the days of September 26th and 27th, 2023, our CPO, Ron Nahum headed to AdExchanger’s Programmatic IO event. It was full of industry leaders, each with an appetite for knowledge and a passion for innovation.

The attendees predominantly hailed from the buying side—the agencies and buying platforms—showcasing the wide variety of premium demand in the  US market. 

  1. The Cookie Conundrum & Privacy Concerns:

A major talking point at the event was the imminent demise of 3rd party cookies, a topic that had everyone’s attention. Companies openly acknowledged the challenge and engaged in lively discussions about potential solutions. It was a brainstorming session of sorts, with a focus on solutions suited to the US market.

  1. The AI Revolution:

AI is poised to revolutionize online advertising, so attendees saw this event as a good opportunity to discuss the potential of utilizing AI for data analysis and optimizing targeting. While some companies had begun experimenting with AI for data analysis, widespread adoption was still in its early stages. Magnite made waves by unveiling a cutting-edge AI tool designed for prebid optimization.  This new feature utilizes ML algorithms to provide automated optimization recommendations for Prebid settings based on auction data, ad server data, and session data. Publishers can perform A/B tests in their machine-generated settings. The goal is to improve revenues for publishers to help them make data-driven decisions. 


Reflecting on this event, we’re excited about the future and how these advancements, especially the evolution beyond 3rd party cookies and the integration of AI, will shape the advertising landscape. Stay tuned as we navigate this exciting journey of discovery and transformation in advertising!