Truvid Sees Rapid Growth Entering Q1 2023

Truvid has been at the forefront of providing unparalleled video solutions for publishers, content owners, and advertisers. With a dedicated and cutting-edge platform that has been empowering all marketplaces paired with a growing network of partnerships, the company has experienced an impressive growth trajectory across all metrics, including an exponential increase in overall revenue, CPM, and server calls performances. Reports show around a 300% increase across all metrics compared to the beginning of Q1 2022.

March 6, 2023

The main driver of this revenue growth is Truvid’s updated and refined ad server and monetization technology. Truvid’s team of experts has put considerable effort to ensure it remains the key player of video monetization solutions in the adtech industry. By leveraging more advanced technologies, Truvid’s processes have become more efficient in all facets – from the quality of the player, and loading time, to the extensive content library offered. 

Truvid’s Refined Technology Leads to Increased Revenue and ECPM

Truvid has worked closely with its publishers to display fewer ads while maintaining the same fill rate. Simply put, more revenue with the same amount of ads. This strategy has yielded impressive results for most publishers, regardless of their geographic location. This led to CPM growth to triple for 90% of their geos, and double for the remaining 10% – a testament to Truvid’s ability to offer high-quality video inventory to advertisers.

While the tough economic climate has challenged a multitude of industries and sectors, Truvid remains steadfast with its skyrocketing revenue, tripling from what the company has seen the previous year. Along with its expanding user-generated video content library, Truvid’s success is largely attributed to its premium content partnerships, solidifying its spot as a titan in the adtech arena. By collaborating with renowned content providers, Truvid has enabled its publishers to optimize their media and deliver top-notch video experiences for users.

By displaying fewer ads, Truvid has created a more premium and exclusive ad environment for its publisher’s inventory. Together with the company’s in-house improvements, these factors led to a successful start to 2023 – the fastest growth that the company has ever experienced.

A Growing Publisher Network in APAC and LATAM

2022 was a particularly pivotal time for Truvid as it expanded its Publisher network in a number of different regions, specifically a strong push into the APAC and LATAM, which led to an unprecedented surge in server calls. Truvid’s continued refinement of its technology and services consistently accommodate to the growing demand for video content.

“Our time and effort put into our technology have been reflected in our successful data entering Q1 2023,” explained Ron Nahum, Truvid’s CPO and Co-Founder. “We are constantly trying to tweak our technology, to provide a premium end-to-end solution from the operations on the demand side to the player efficiently loading on the website.”

Overall, Truvid’s tremendous growth in Q1 2023 is a testament to the company’s continuous innovation and investment in its platform. By offering superior video monetization solutions and maintaining a seamless user experience, Truvid has cemented its position as a leading player in the digital video market. With the company’s continued global expansion and ongoing technological developments, Truvid looks set to continue its impressive growth in the years to come.