Truvid’s Sees Unprecedented Revenue Growth in Mid-2023 Recap

The adtech landscape has seen tremendous growth and changes in the past year. From customer data maximization, and contextual tagging, to the rise of CTV advertising, major adtech companies have hustled to keep up with emerging trends, stay in shape, edge out other competitors, and ultimately boost their revenue growth. 

June 11, 2023

Pulling their A-game in every pitstop in the last several months is Truvid, a video advertising technology solution that delivers a unique, technological-driven platform through state-of-the-art video experiences, empowering Publishers, content creators, and advertisers. 

Despite the cutthroat competition, turbulent economic conditions, and ever-evolving business ecosystem, the company continues to be at the forefront of the adtech arena, seeing drastic growth in various KPIs.

2023’s Halfway Point Trajectory

Between January and May 2023, Truvid experienced a drastic surge in various KPIs. First, the company witnessed a staggering 7x increase in overall revenue, indicating a substantial leap in its financial success compared to last year’s halfway point. 

Furthermore, Truvid achieved a 2.7x increase in overall CPM, demonstrating the increased value advertisers place on Truvid’s platform. This spike indicates that advertisers are willing to pay higher rates for ad placements on Truvid’s platform due to its effectiveness in reaching target audiences and driving desired outcomes.

Truvid also experienced a 2.3x increase in overall server calls, highlighting the escalating demand for its services. More and more advertisers are leveraging Truvid’s technology to serve their ads, further solidifying Truvid’s position as a preferred partner in the adtech space.

Finally, Truvid saw a notable doubling in the number of onboarded Publishers. This highlights the company’s continuous network expansion and value proposition, as well as the Publisher’s solid trust in the brand.


What’s Behind the Surge?

Leveraging its upgraded technology and advanced solutions, the company has successfully attracted more premium Publishers who generate significant traffic. These Publishers have chosen to collaborate with Truvid, recognizing the value and benefits of working together. Moreover, Truvid has expanded its partnerships with premium demand partners, further enhancing its reach and access to high-quality advertising opportunities. 

Lastly, Truvid has actively sought out partnerships with premium and innovative creators who produce superior content for its websites and global audiences. By offering compelling and engaging material, the company has been able to attract a larger user base and increase revenue streams. 

By continuously innovating and adapting to the evolving advertising landscape, Truvid remains at the forefront of the adtech revolution. These figures cement the company’s position as a key player that breaks barriers by continuously enhancing its cutting-edge technologies and fostering great partnerships.

What’s New?

As advocates for continuous innovation, Truvid is launching a new interface for Publishers and Content Creators to adopt a more intuitive management over their widgets, playlists and performance analytics as well as a new and improved video player that delivers higher quality video experiences. Prioritizing brand awareness for Publishers, Truvid’s Publishers have the option to wrap their player with a Branded Skin, tailored to the Publisher’s brand and logo.