What is Truvid’s New Branded Player Skin Feature?

We saw yet another opportunity to expand on our innovation. Our platform is seeking new collaborations to produce new Branded Player Skins . What exactly is this?  Indeed, this is a fresh route to digitally market your brand.

July 21, 2022 2 min read

Truvid’s Branded Player Skin is a customized skin that is tailor-made precisely to your brand’s image. Truvid’s technology ensures the Creative Player Skin is seamlessly integrated into the Publisher’s media, ensuring a clean user experience. The Creative Player Skin can incorporate your brand’s design and logo to fit your identity preference. Additionally, the Creative Player Skin is clickable; meaning if the user clicks the skin, they will be transferred to your brand’s landing page, providing users with an interactive experience.

Why is this new feature beneficial?

Brand awareness is fundamental for a brand’s digital marketing strategy. Truvid’s Creative Player Skin maximizes your brand’s awareness by intentionally optimizing your demographic targeting. Truvid’s Creative Player Skin ensures your brand appears on the most watched positions on the page, projecting significant brand awareness. Not only this, the Skin is smartly implemented, so that your brand is exposed on websites that are compatible with the target audience of the Publisher’s content. This enables the brand to optimize their demographic reach.

Your brand image is emphasized by the Creative Player Skin’s detailed aesthetic design, which mirrors your brand’s colors and logo design, reinforcing powerful product recognition for users. Overall, the Skin strengthens the authenticity and power of your brand’s presence in the context of digital Publishers. 

Why is branding important? 

Within the digital marketing sphere, branding is fundamental to create brand awareness. Through aesthetics, brands create an identity which influences your target audience. Projecting your brand’s color scheme and logo in ideal positions on a page encourages users to engage with the brand’s identity, or even just simply to be aware of it. 


Roee Litchenfeld, Truvid’s CEO is excited about this new feature, explaining, “To reinforce a brand’s identity, the Creative Player Skin is a useful technique to represent your brand’s aesthetic. The physical brand presence of the Skin brings elements of nativity and authenticity.”

Visual examples of Truvid’s Branded Player Skin implemented: 

LG Creative Player Skin


Telcel Creative Player Skin