Who Are Truvid?

Founded in 2018, video SSP (supply side platform), truvid facilitates Publisher's potential for monetization. Truvid’s platform bridges the gap between Advertisers, Publishers and Content Owners in a video ecosystem, ensuring each player benefits. 

July 21, 2022 1 min read


Originating from a DNA of Publishers, the foundation of Truvid’s business model is to empower Publishers by meeting their needs and delivering them a holistic solution. Truvid instantly connects Publishers to their advertising marketplace and content owners in a matter of seconds, at no cost. Their technology allows Publishers to not only monetize but to engage with advanced data analysis using a  user-friendly console. With Truvid, Publishers also have the opportunity to choose from over a million videos in the Professional Content Library that is contextually matched with their media or upload organic content. With Publisher’s access to over one million pre-filtered, professional videos and traffic optimization, they can guarantee an enhanced user experience and simple route to maximize revenues. 



Truvid’s video exchange allows advertisers to appear on the most popular locations on global websites. Truvid’s platform enables direct access to a vast advertising marketplace, which facilitates a real-time bidding system. Truvid’s background technology assists video content to  align with the Publisher’s media context, guaranteeing an engaging user experience and high viewability rates. The platform incorporates superior technology that provides fast-loading video content and a light-weight, non-intrusive video player. 


Content Owners:

With Truvid, content owners have the opportunity to showcase their content globally whilst also monetize. Content owners receive revenues through their instant access to Truvid’s built-in advertising marketplace. Truvid’s technology enables seamless integration with automatic content uploading that requires no extra effort. Truvid’s console facilitates a transparent  performance monitoring system, providing rich data analysis and full control of who sees what and where.